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Your Athletic Profile, Online

Getting "noticed" by college coaches has becoming increasingly competitive for high school athletes.  In order to get the attention of a coach requires one to be prepared for that first meeting.  Recruitlings has launched Athletes Profiles to assist high school student athletes aspiring to play their sport in college.  Our Online Athlete Profile provides high school students with an online resume to direct college coaches to in order to introduce themselves to college coaches at schools they're interested in.

Recruitlings makes this process easy for parents and athletes to create and update their Online Athlete Profile so coaches can keep up-to-date on your child's progress academically, athletically and within the community.

Get Started Early!

While middle school and junior high students are concerned with matters such as social status, hanging out with friends at the mall and how many likes their "selfie" received on Instagram, college coaches are already looking to fill rosters  five years ahead of time.  In other words, elite 8th grade athletes are being actively scouted in their respective sports.  Here's an article to back up this claim.  This is the reality of college sports recruiting, even if it isn't considered ethical.  The NCAA Recruiting Calendar website guides parents and athletes concerning the rules of contacting college coaches throughout the calendar year.  If you're ready to begin the process of becoming an NCAA athlete, head over to the NCAA Eligibility Center to register today.

The Dual Purpose of Video in Recruiting

We're also in the business of video.  On our main site you can learn about our video services and view examples of our work.  The main purpose of a recruiting skills or highlight video is to grab the attention of a coach at a school that you're interested in attending as a student athlete.  Coaches view your video and can determine whether or not you fit in their division and program.  I had an interesting conversation with a past client that I created a highlight film for.  They believed that their daughter was a D1 prospect for her sport.  After multiple school visits and coach interviews, it was determined that a D1 school was not the right fit for her if she wanted to be an NCAA athlete.  They eventually decided on a D3 school that matched her academic requirements and athletic aspirations.  She also received a full academic scholarship.  Coaches know what their needs are and can recommend the right program for aspiring athletes.  Ultimately, your child is a student-athlete, student first.  The right school choice is not a 4 year decision, it's a 45 year decision.

Northwestern University Coach Mike Fitzgerald on Social Media

Positive Coaching Alliance posted this video of Northwestern Coach Mike Fitzgerald discussing the subject of social media.  Online vetting is increasingly used by college coaches.  This is a must-watch video.  It's the best three minutes you and your aspiring college athlete will spend today.  A student's online presence can make or break their scholarship aspirations.  Please watch this informative video with your daughters and sons.